An exceptional job opportunity for Harvard, MIT, and Stanford students interested in participating in Silicon Valley tech businesses and earning high incomes

About us and the type of work:

We are a tech company based in Silicon Valley that needs to attract a number of committed and motivated students at Harvard, M.I.T, and Stanford to grow and attract our app user. If you have a high ability of public relations in attracting users, be sure to contact us. 

job description:

It is very easy, if you have good public relations and you have a good talent in attracting users to your social network profile, all you have to do is use this talent in our apps ! , In other social networks, bringing members into that network and your profile can not be of any benefit to you, but in our apps by bringing each person, you can grow yourself and your profit and benefit as a team member.

You can work in our office or work remotely from your home due to COVID-19 , the work is so easy and enjoyable and does not require any technical knowledge, just needs your interest and strategy.

So if the job is very simple and does not require technical information, what strategy do we follow from hiring students from Harvard, MIT and Stanford ?

1) our strategy is so simple. We just hire the smartest and most passionate people we can find.

2) We are growing our company with a focus on getting users for our apps, but currently our company is not a large company, so there's a good opportunity for anyone who joins now to share in the future market.

To advance the goals of our company, we have 3 teams that you will join one of these 3 groups:

1) Harvard Team: which consists of Harvard students. 

2) MIT Team: which consists of MIT students.

3) Stanford Team: which consists of Stanford students.


• Student at Harvard, MIT, or Stanford.

• High ability in public relations and attracting users.

• Interested in Silicon Valley technology businesses.

• Interested in participating in the growth of social networks.

• teamwork ability.

• Committed and motivated.

• Interested in high earning.

We are also responsible for you during the holidays.

Contact [email protected] for more information regarding the job role.

For the employment form , download and fill out the form below then send it to our email: [email protected]